Doctor; There’s A Cavity In My Mouth

And it needs to be filled. Just how soon the cavity filling norco procedure will be fulfilled will, rest assured, be determined by the presiding dentist. And rest assured too that that procedure will not be delayed. There is actually a very good reason for that. Because the longer a cavity is left exposed, the quicker bacteria will set in. When that happens, it’s expected that plaque and tartar will follow. And so the bacteria could spread to other teeth as well.

cavity filling norco

So, no delays if you please. But how are you to know that you have a cavity in the first place? You can look and look at yourself in the mirror over and over again and you will never, ever really know. Only way to know is for the dentist to have a look-see. See? But how is he to know if you do not go and see him already? So it goes that if it feels alright it must be alright. Oftentimes, more times than not, there is usually something not quite right.

You do not need to feel it, you do not need to see it, but bacteria and tooth decay could already be happening. And that is what causes a cavity in the first place. Only way to know these things if you are making regular trips to the dentist. They say that two trips a year is good. And if you keep up this regular habit there is less and less chance of you ever having to experience really bad teeth and gums and all the physical and emotional pain that goes with it.

Any damaged picked up during these regular exams will be just so minor they can be fixed in a jiffy.