Effective Ways To Keep Ticks Away

If you enjoy going outdoors, being aware of ticks should be on your list of precautions. These parasites are common in natural areas and likely to catch hold of you if you aren’t careful.

In case ticks enter your home, you might just be looking at an infestation. For serious cases, you should contact a residential tick control normal professional. A few other ways to keep ticks away are as follows.

Choose The Right Clothing

The right kind of clothing should be protective in nature to keep your skin from being exposed to ticks. This includes long-sleeved shirts and full pants.

Additionally, your clothing should be colored in such a way that ticks can be visible if they climb on. This means that you should wear light clothing to contrast with the dark color of ticks.

residential tick control normal

Make the most of your protective clothing by tucking your shirt in and tucking your pants into socks. You should also keep your hair tied up in case it is long, or use a hat.

Places To Avoid

Ticks survive best in dense grassy areas. Since they cannot fly or jump, they prefer climbing onto shrubs to access hosts that are exposed. Be careful to avoid touching grasses and leaves for this reason.

Only walk on the designated trains and avoid dense areas during hikes. Moreover, don’t sit on the ground or against any trees.

Keep Ticks Away From Your Yard

Since ticks proliferate in dense vegetation, make sure your yard is well-trimmed. Keep your grass short, and try to remove thick bushes if possible. It is recommended that you avoid leaf piles in your yard as ticks can hide in these.

To eliminate the growth of ticks, keep your yards and property dry. Make sure your landscape drainage is well-maintained, and keep checking up on your gardens.

In Summation

Preventing ticks from infesting your property is the responsibility of every homeowner. This will keep your pets and family safer and save you greater effort in the future.