Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

Tooth extraction is a major surgery. After the procedure, proper healing depends on patient care. The dentist will provide the patient with a list of rules to ensure the best aftercare, but the following tips also offer benefit. Keep your oral health in good condition after a tooth extraction!

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Do Not Rinse

You cannot eat or drink for 24-hours after the extraction. You must avoid getting the socket wet after the procedure, which can happen if you eat food or drink water or any other beverages.

Do Not Smoke

You should also avoid smoking after you have a tooth extraction. Dentists recommend that you avoid smoking for at least 48-hours, but why not go ahead and give quitting a go instead?

Avoid Unnecessary Activity

Although lying flat in a bed for 48-hours isn’t necessary, it is very important that physical activity is limited. Do very little during the two days after surgery. Focus instead of healing and recovery.

Tooth Pain

Your dentist will likely prescribe a pain reliever to alleviate the pain after an extraction. If he does not, purchase an over-the-counter solution such as ibuprofen. Take the pain reliever as directed for pain.

Lift Your Head

Use a pillow or pillow to raise your head when you lie down. This helps prevent blood clots and most people agree it is the most comfortable way to relax. That’s all that you should do after an extraction, after all.

Avoid Pressure on the Mouth

Avoid drinking out of a straw for several days after a tooth extraction. You should also avoid any other activities that apply pressure to the mouth, especially in the extraction area.

The tooth extraction aftercare leesburg tips above help you quickly recover after this procedure. Heed the activity of your dentist and use this information to protect your oral health after an extraction.