What Not To Do When Hiring A Cleaning Service

There are a lot of services that we hire that we can just step back and allow to happen.  However, when it comes to hiring a cleaning service you want to make sure that you have a few things in place before they arrive.

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The first thing is to do a check on commercial cleaning services in San Jose, CA.  You want to see which ones have the best reputation, have the best prices and have good reviews from past clients.  When it comes to cleaning, there isn’t a lot involved, however, if done wrong, you could be paying for double work.

Don’t leave valuables around

Most people in general are honest.  However, it can be a real battle to prove that something was stolen or misplaced after a cleaning service comes into your space.  In fact, items could be taken by people you know who are not really honest and are using this as an opportunity to get away with a crime.  So, the best practice is to keep money, valuables and other items out of sight or locked up before your cleaners come.

Just let them roam free

You don’t want people just wondering around in your house, but you also don’t want to be up in their business as well.  When you have someone come in and clean your house or your business, you want to monitor them to a point.  You want to check their work as they are doing it and you want to go behind them to make sure that they are doing everything to your satisfaction. 

Don’t pay in cash

You want to pay with a check or a credit card. If you pay in cash, you have no recourse to getting money back or even having a record that you paid them.  If you pay in cash, they can say money came up missing or they didn’t get paid correctly.  Simply pay with a credit card beforehand or with a check.